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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Filibuster proof majority

Not like anyone really still pays attention to this, but the Alaskans decided not to send back a convicted felon to the Senate.

1 down, 2 to go. Minnesota and Georgia still haven't been called. Obama could still start governing in January while only depending on Democratic lawmakers in Congress. Even my cynic self could become giddy because of that.

Completely unrelated, but who will replace Obama (President), Biden (Vice-President) and Clinton (Secretary of State?) in the Senate? As far as I know the governor of the home state decides who to substitute, this is the case in Alaska in any case, I believe this depends on states' respective laws. Which party are the governors of these states from anyway? Illinois (Democrat, undoubtedly), New York (Patterson - Democrat), where the hell is Joe Biden from? Fun exercise, if ultimately pointless in regard to majorities in the Senate (simply because I believe otherwise I would have read something on this somewhere).

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Lalen said...

Biden's from Delaware, which is definitely a democratic state.
Governor: Ruth Ann Minner, D.