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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The election and stuff

  • Thanks to all you Floridians and North Carolinians (and everyone else) for restoring my faith in the American people that had been fundamentally destroyed in 2004.

  • The super majority didn't work out, shame. I guess that was being overtly optimistic though.

  • Ted Stevens seems to have gotten reelected to the Senate? That guy was sentenced to prison only a few days ago and these morons put him back into office?

  • Talking about a trouncing by the way. Obama winning two maybe three slave states, plus Florida, plus Ohio.

  • Funny how all these states I like for a variety of cultural reasons all voted for McCain. Tennesse (Memphis (the Sun Studios!), Nashville (Hank, Waylon, Willie), Mississippi (Faulkner, the Delta, the Hill Country), Louisiana (New Orleans (Fats, Toussaint, Prof Longhair, Bobby Marchan...), Jerry Lee), West Virginia (Hasil Adkins, Copperhead Road).

  • Benton, Will, Trav...I am disappointed :)

  • Be interesting how Mr 'Yes-we-can' will perform now that he actually has to do something.

  • I've said this before, I'll say it again, sometimes I wish that I were less cynic. Don't think I can help it though.

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