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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Turn Off The Radio (Dead Prez)

This is from the Intern, thought it was really interesting how most basketball players tend to donate to the Democrats (with Claude Drexler being a notable exception). Wonder whether that has anything to do with most of them (if not all, cannot recall a white ball-player on that list right now) being black. I think (but I am not really up to par on my stats here) that the Afro-American population still votes predominantly democratic.

I found this on Kolja's blog and it is really stupid, just plain stupid, but at the same time I haven't laughed harder in a really long time. To watch these NBA-players look at Ali G is just too much, check the look of despair on Steve Nash's face when he turns to the camera at the end of his second stint and also the incredulous Dwayne Wade. To Kolja's description I would like to add a further perspective. I think this cultural aspect does not explain it fully (Steve Nash for example is the definite counter-example of any global-crossing trend-culture), what is needed as well is a capitalistic/commercial point of view. Steve Nash, but also Richard Jefferson and to some degree Dwanye Wade to me give of the impression of simply being dumbfounded by the stupidity they have to endure in order to sell a product (the NBA (or to be more precise the TV-show featuring Barkley)). Maybe I am reading (because I am hoping most likely) too much into this, but I would like to think that they realize the complete sell-out they are obliged to commit for advertisement reasons only.

In this spirit the title song for today btw:
Dead Prez: Turn Off The Radio (RBG)

Finally I downloaded something that I would like to make available for all of you (meaning Travis and Christoph mainly), this is the documentary about Sebastian Telfair's last year in high school, haven't watched it yet, but supposedly it is very enjoyable. I read the book (The Jump by Ian O'Connor) about that year and while it wasn't as good as Darcy Frey's The Last Shot it was a very enjoyable read.


Hamish said...

Hey man, I really like your blog.

The contributions are really intersting, and I agree with your Ali G/NBA assessment - hilarious and poking fun at commercialism.

wallabykiller said...

You're right about Steve Nash...

Sensemania said...

ja, well, thanks hamish

G said...

I saw the Telfair documentary the other night. The 'kid' has got lovely handling skills. I came away respecting his passion for the game and his generally humble attitude for his success.