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Thursday, March 16, 2006

La Chanson Du Mouton Noir (Jolie Môme)

Jolie Môme: La Chanson Du Mouton Noir

I am really excited about tomorrow morning, we have Merkel coming into the Commission on European Affairs and right after that Steinmeier will give a speech on the preparation for the Council meeting on March 22nd & 23rd, followed by the opposition's first speaker meinem Abgeordneten. Should be really cool.

Personal satisfacion aside, here is the first piece of good news I've read regarding the Iran mess in a really long time.

The NY Times in an editorial calls for the (de facto) demolition of the electoral college without actually changing the constitution. This makes perfect sense in my opinion as I believe the electoral college to be one of the key points representing the achille's heel of American politics, but I also believe one should be aware of the fact, that this would be another step on the road away from the union of states the USA used to be. Turning the electoral congress into solely an organ mirroring the popular vote would raise New York's importance while nearly erasing Wyoming's relevance. Really weird in a way how something that was not clearly decided upon at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 has been the cause of debate and war even for more than 200 years now.

Hamish has taken up the topic of sports guys donating money to politicians a little bit more scientifically than I did. Can only repeat (even though I don't think I ever said it) that I am happy that ballers seem to lean more to the Democratic side.

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