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Monday, March 27, 2006

Infiltrate (Sean Paul)

Back in my dancehall/ragga days I used to like Sean Paul quite a bit. Of course, since I am so cool, that was way before he broke onto the international scene. Songs like his' Inflitrate were just plain good. Anyway, thought it was very amusing to read how the New York Times completely picked him apart.

To claim that the demonstrations (maybe the plural would be more accurate) are still going strong would be lying, but then it is astonishing, that they were and are taking place in the first place. I've thought about an adequate comparison after claiming in my last entry that Georgia, the Ukraine and such do not hold up their end of the bargain in a comparison. What always does pop up in my mind when I read these articles, is the Civil Rights Movement in the US-American South. A small group of people willing to sacrifice their own health and wealth in order to ensure freedom for a larger (passive) part. Think about the Freedom Rides, where you had maybe five guys on a bus being bullied and beat up by large groups. The difference between the two obviously lies in the fact, that the American oppressors were not the state or the government (although it undoubtedly might have and did aid in parts) but rather their fellow citizens.

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