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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Fat Man (Fats Domino)

I've given up on the posting of the actual .mp3s for now because I do most of this from work meaning I cannot access my music (not technically all that true, but I will not go into details on this one here) plus this whole legal thing is bothering me a little in all honesty.

Nothing all that intelligent, but here is a WP article about some definitly new and weird phenomena (sp?). Then and unbelievably the Fat Man has published a new album, I've seen him live once at the Jazz Fest (which btw in my opinion is the best and most amazing music fest and also party in the world, if you ever have the chance to go there, do it, words cannot describe) and yes the title of the album sums it up rather well, Alive and Kickin'.

Finally an absolute gem and one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Check it out (only really funny if you know the original, but I seem most of you do...).

Plus, (and kind of interesting only to people living in Berlin really) the biggest employers of Berlin and the top ten in game dunks (my personal favorites are the Shaq/Daryl Dawkins version, with Dawkins doing a better job I believe).

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