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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Blues

A friend told me, that he knows of at least on person who got sued for putting music online in a blog, the way I did/do, so I guess I have to think about what that means for me, not quite sure yet, until I decide it'll be just random crap and links (for which I have actually gotten two positive email-feedbacks already, which, yeah, is cool :d).

The first one is in German but so random I loved it:
Frankfurter Rundschau

then, here is Paul Shirley's newest journal entry:
his writing skills seem to have deterioated a little for some reason, but I really recommend reading his early stuff, maybe I'll post a link at some point (don't even know whether that stuff still is online)

oh yeah,
my girlfriend send me this one, it's in English, probably only of interest to those of you though who have actually been to Germany:

and one last thing, I have added my favorite comic strip (The Boondocks) onto the link section on the right, it is barely syndicated in the US (too political), love it though

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