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Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Night Jamboree (Jah Thomas)

Friday Night Jamboree (Jah Thomas)

Have a completely random collection today, hope your minds are as twisted (should I say screwed up? twisted sounds kind of vain somehow) as mine sometimes is.

To start out on a negative note (is there a nice opposite to cheery btw?), I just spent some time doing one of my favourite pasttimes when I am actually supposed to study or look up something for class, which is browsing through Wikipedia, most of the time simply clicking myself through one topic and stumbling onto new ones. I found one really depressing entrance there about the Righteous Among the Nations. The depressing factor kicks in when one looks at the list at the bottom. Germany is 10th with only 410 people having been recognized, not even a tenth of what either Poland or the Netherlands offer. On the one hand it has to be taken account that people coming out of Germany had to be more righteous so to speak in order to be recognized, the reasons for which I believe do not have to be elaborated upon. But, considering the population Germany had back then (around 40 to 50 million would be my personal guess, but that is really just a wild guess) and the fact that, again because of sheer size (meaning the absolute numbers of deported humans was so much higher than say in the Netherlands), so many more opportunities were available, I believe it is just shocking how few Germans actually acted upon their conscience and DID something. (That is assuming their consciences told that them, if that was not even the case, which it probably wasn't, that just makes it even more horrible.) The percentage of people who actively did anything against the biggest crime in the history of mankind must have been simply ludicrous (hope that word conveys my meaning there, am not quite sure about its use here). Fucked up, fucked up, and yeah, really depresses me, hope I shared my gloom successfully.

After this amazing beginning, we'll just answer the question of postmodernism (as far as I understand it, correct me if I am wrong) of whether there can be anything after the holocaust with yes. (And I hope it is understood that lame sarcasm is the only way I can go on in anyway after concentrating on stuff like this for too long.) Here is an article from the FR (in German) which proposes a sarcastic (and yes, I feel bad about using that word twice in the matter of like two sentences) solution to the Middle East dilemna, kind of liked it.

In all honesty I wanted to mainly discuss some bball crap here (the stuff that I didn't get done last time) but, I don't know, it feels sacriligous to just change to bs like that. So I will not really discuss any of this but simply post it:
Really weird fight (one-sided initially) between Isiah Thomas and Bill Simmons
1 & 2

Is LeBron a choke artist? (I really wanted to say some stuff on this topic, maybe I'll come back to this later at some point, if it comes up again or King James proves us wrong come april (I always fuck up with the months in basketball, when do the playoffs start?)):
Clutch advantage

One German quote to end it all (general observation: weird how, while writing, one tends to end up with different priorities than the ones one had in mind in the beginning...):
"Uta Brandes, Professorin an der International School of Design in Köln, verficht die These, Fußball sei eigentlich ein Frauensport, "in dem Männer wildern":
"Beim Fußballspielen ... benehmen sich Männer so, wie es als typisch für Frauen gilt", schreibt die Designfachfrau. Die Kicker brächten "enorme Gefühlswallungen" zum Ausdruck: "Sie brüllen, weinen, brechen zusammen, lachen, hüpfen vor Freude ... Im Fußball übertrifft der expressive Körperkontakt ... alles mädchenhaft Dagewesene." Brandes weist darauf hin, dass "ständiges Anfassen und der Wunsch nach großer Körpernähe typische Vergewisserungswünsche von Frauen beziehungsweise Mädchen" seien.

Oh yeah, to everybody who didn't get it, I've started to use song titles as my 'headlines' since I seemingly cannot offer songs without risking prosecution, a subject on which I have still come to no definite conlusion yet though.

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