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Monday, January 16, 2006

Blue Monday (Fats Domino)

Blue Monday (Fats Domino)

Way too much university stuff to do. Anyway not like I actually don't enjoy doing my crap there, not as those poor law or business people (most of the time true at least from what I gather).

Somebody posted a link in the comments section (, that I thought I should feature here as well. In case you do not like registering for sites...

Ok, what do we have for today, another Bill Simmons column where he very adamantly asks for the firing of Doc Rivers. Again, kind of as Paul Shirley, I have the feeling his writing has suffered (in this case ever since his bore him a daughter (had to use that, sorry, just thought it sounded cool in a biblical way)), but maybe I have simply read too much of his by now.

Then there is a really interesting article in this week's Zeit (in German obviously) talking about how South Korea tries to sort of stabilize the North Korean government and economy (against American wishes, being that North Korea would be part of the infamous Axis of Evil), because of the lessons they learned by studying Germen Reunification. With North Korea having more people and being a lot less developed than the former GDR. Interesting. I recommend printing this at work or something, 'cause it seems a bit long to read online, but then maybe that's just me being anal and hating to read online too much.

And then I thought I'd make some advertisement for my Dad's radio show, which airs tonight from 2 to 5 in the morning (make that minus 6 hours for the American East coast, so 8 to 11 pm, if my math doesn't fail me). You can listen to it online. It's mostly music, some spoken German comments, but the music kicks ass, trust me (well, if you know me well, that might actually be counterproductive, but hey, can't help but try).

One last personal thing. I've been accepted for an internship position in a FDP-Bundestagsbüro (the FDP is the market-liberal party here). So on the one hand I am really happy and proud of being able to do that, of working in the parliament (of working for the people so to speak to be really corny), but, and this is a major but, that I have been thinking about a good bit, it'll be with the FDP. Meaning I will endorse positions I do not believe to be true, just or fair. Positions I actually in most cases will believe to be counter productive for the general public. So, even though I will not get any money (well, maybe a small sum not exceeding 150€ a month and I even doubt that), I am wondering whether I have sold myself with that or whether am I exaggerating here. Seems to be a little bit of a dilemna and I haven't succesfully come to any kind of conclusion here yet. Not that that will change anything, I definitly will take the position and start working there on the 30th, it is only about whether I consider myself a hypocrite (or a phonie to refer to Mr Holden Caulfield here for a second) or not. 30 silver pieces so to speak.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't think of making coffee and regular xeroxing for the FDP as selling out.

Well, for the NPD it would be a kinda different matter, but hey, nobody is suggesting you're supposed to hold their (FDP's) speeches in the parliament. (-8

As for North Korea, I guess apart from the economic consequences there is still the very grave danger of an imploding Kim regime with nuclear weapons at hand. Nuclear arms probably can be stabilizing in an unstable or dangerous neighborhood as they could limit the escalation or even more so prevent any kind of armed crisis, but, an imploding regime could try to go down with all guns blazing (well it didn't happen in Iraq, but).
- p.

Sensemania said...

hopefully - and supposedly - the work will include more than making coffee and copies :d