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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Beginnings...or back because of popular demand

In my ongoing attempt to become cool at some point and because of popular demand (meaning one person in a drunken state of mind wondered why I hadn't sent him any songs in quite a while) I have decided to join the blogsphere (that word somehow sounds really corny and bad but hey...). No, don't worry I will not keep all of you updated here on what I eat for dinner (probably pasta with tuna tonight). Rather, and some of you will probably have received my irregular showering of songs already, I will simply put songs on here every once in a while that might or might not interest you, that might or might not be new to you. Apart from that it'll be ramblings and ravings and some information about the singers or the songs that I post. We'll see whether I keep this up or whether it will be a fad solely (probably my interest in it will have something to do with how many people (if any) actually look at this thing every once in a while).
So without further ado, I have two songs here that I really like:

Kinky Friedman - They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore

Big Maybelle - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show

Kinky Friedman is this pretty funny jewish, Texan (I think) country singer, a little bit in this Hank Williams Jr vein, but a good bit better I believe.

Big Maybelle is, nomen est omen, one of these massive, black blues-shouters who just plainly kick ass. Big Mama Thornton comes to mind as someone comparable.

Hope y'all like it.

Feedback more than welcome (hint, hint).

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Travis Shirk & Ida Olsen said...

Ida and Travis here. We love the idea of you having a blog. We'll definitely be tuning into your columns. We hope however that you don't limit yourself to just commenting on music. We want a whole spectrum of topics (music, politics, sports, etc...). Look forward to seeing future "ramblings and ravings".