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Friday, September 01, 2006

Iraq, Vietnam and Nazi Germany

According to Donald Rumsfeld we all (each and every war critics that is) have not learned the lessons of history and are deemed guilty of appeasement towards terrorism by opposing (or having opposed maybe) the 3rd Gulf War. Now this would be quite ludicrous if it wasn't so sad. I wonder whether Rumsfeld forgot that he visited Iraq and Saddam personally in the 80s to ensure him of Reagan's support in his war against Iran (the 1st Gulf War), does that make good old Donald the über-appeaser or what? The Secretary of Defense even though he already served in the Nixon administration also conveniently forgets another lesson of history, namely the quagmire called Vietnam. In Indo-China of course the situation was quite different than how the one in Iraq looks like, yet more can and has to be learned from it than from the Accord of Munich and the ensuing 2nd World War.

Faithful to his pitbull the President has entered the fray now and given us his input and I am going to be quite honest about this, he is a liar:

"withdrawing now from Iraq would leave Americans at risk of terrorist attacks 'in the streets of our own cities'"

Yeah, right, how is that not distorting the truth? And I did not have sex with that woman deserved impeachment?

He also "cautioned Americans against concluding that five years after the Sept. 11 attacks the threat had receded" and thus he at least admits that his politics have been a complete failure.

So sad that people still fall for this folly.

Lastly, my name is Sensemania or sometimes LKwesiJ or even JDub and I endorse this message:

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