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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ghostface Killah - R.A.G.U. - ft Raekwon
From the new - and very decent - Ghostface Killah album.

I finally found a place to stay in Paris. Can't even begin to describe how happy I am about this, I had been looking on and off for like two months. Things either were too expensive or the people didn't make a sympathetic impression or they were foreigners whose french wouldn't help mine. So, now I finally found a place in the 18th district (just a 'lil north of Sacre-Coeur for those of you who know Paris a bit), the apartment is shared with a french guy. Ja, all perfect :).

Also I wrote the first of my three exams today, have two more coming up now, one (Economics I) tomorrow and the other one (Economics III) on tuesday. The one today was about Foreign US Trade Policy. Quite interesting actually. The whole thing was split into two essays for each of which we had three subjects to choose from. I wrote about trade theories (this whole Ricardo, comparative advantages and so on, really interesting that) and the possibilty of Congress not extending the President's Trade Promotion Authority next year. Kind of weird that I am actually fascinated with some of this macroeconomics stuff now. I mean most of this micro-BS I can't stand, so boring, don't even know how the guys who study this (hallo alle BWLer) survive, but macroeconomic policy is really cool.

Anyway, back to my schedule of little sleep and less entertainement (like reading the paper for exemple or continueing my novel, fuck, I'm dying for my vacation).

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