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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Me And My Chaffeur Blues

Maria Muldaur - Me And My Chaffeur Blues
The sexuality of this music is really quite amazing considering how old it is and considering how much of conservative backlash certain things still produce, but 'I want you to ride me' might refer to her new Mustang only as well I guess.

So, after the last two horrible weeks of no fun and games, but virtually only studying economics tout le jour, I am finally on vacation. Will be going to Italy tomorrow and stay there for 10 days. Shortly after that it will be off to Paris to begin my studies there. I am really looking forward to this vacation now, finally one which I can actually claim I deserve, and after that studying in Paris and improving my french should be fun. I'll definitly be more of a frequent writer on here, once I am back from the communication-hole that Italy represents for me.

On add-on, tomorrow morning I am going to take a TOEFL exam (Test Of English As A Foreign Language), I need that in order to apply to exchange programs with the US (which I intend to do quite soon, apply that is, see whether they actually take me). The maximum in points achievable is 120, a certain arrogance in regard to my knowledge of the English language makes me claim that anything below 110 will be an utter disappointment for me. I am kind of curious to see whether I'll be able to fulfill my own expectations.

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Hamish said...

I'd be surprised if you got less than 110 too, so pressure's on.

Where are you interested in going in the U.S.?