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Friday, July 14, 2006


The Freestylers - Signs - ft Tenor Saw & Banner Spanner
One of the best Hip Hop songs ever, period.

It's quite funny how most Republicans/conservative types claim that activist judges tend to change America's society unduely (is that an acceptable word? somehow seems weird), when one considers decisions such as the one from New York last week.

Apparently, homosexuals cannot marry because "unstable relationships between people of the opposite sex present a greater danger that children will be born into or grow up in unstable homes than is the case with same-sex couples".

I'm not even going to begin detailing how ridicolous this argumentation is, read the article, laugh some, or cry. Homosexual mariage really is inevitably coming (und das ist auch gut so!) if this is the line of defense that the conservatives are drawing.

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