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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Church Is Out

Charlie Musselwhite - Church Is Out
from his new album 'Delta Hardware'

Way too much work here, have three economics exams in the next two weeks, plus I am looking for a place to stay in Paris and for someone to sublet my room while I am gone. No fun and games, that's for sure.

Just wanted to shell out one quick theory of mine here (and no, I haven't really developed it yet, destroy it if you feel like it). I believe that the Western world (Europe, the US and Israel) have brought this escalation in the Middle East about by refusing to talk to Hamas. It is a well-established fact that governance weakens radical elements in any group, but instead of supporting the moderate elements in Hamas by helping them govern Palestina better than the PLO did before, the West pushed them all in one corner. Hamas signed a document accepting Israel (kind of) only shortly before this whole thing erupted. I think they should/could have totally coerced into becoming a workable partner.

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