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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Walkin' The Floor Over You

Ernest Tubb - Walkin The Floor Over You

I was too busy last week to get my xenophobic entry (or any other really) done. Had an oral presentation on international trading theories which freaked me out quite a bit, because it was my first time doing anything with economy ever and on thursday I flew to Kopenhagen for the wedding of a friend of mine. Was good fun there, maybe drank a little excessivly, especially considering I came back on sunday only to go out for drinks, anyway.

Yesterday were the 1st of May events in Berlin. These 'riots' have quieted down quite a bit since their heyday during the 80s, but still it sucked not being able to stay until things got started and watch a little. Has a really weird feeling to it, to be in these demonstration crowds, watching the police chase people, adrenalin I guess.

Here is an interesting article about some special police force and how they work. Now I figured that the way these cops are described was a little exaggerated, but then I clicked on this link and watched the movie on that site and well, the guy at the end of the video, who is without uniform definitly needs some psychiatric help.

On a kind of unrelated side note, one of the German guys in Kopenhagen for the wedding is of the nationalistic kind a little and I so badly cannot stand that. Truth to be told (and I don't even want to know how many people disagree with me here) being proud of one's country is one of the lamest things ever, so tiresome.

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