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Friday, May 05, 2006

Hard Rocks In My Bed

Bumble Bee Slim (Amos Easton) - Hard Rocks In My Bed

Because I have moved up into jet-set sphere by now, I can happily announce that I am flying to London in like 8 hours (no, I haven't packed, nor shaven, nor taken a shower, all in due time). Gonna be kind of crazy, I have never been to the UK. Good fun all of this, that's for sure.

Here is what Gary Lineker had to say about Michael Ballack, finally someone who agrees that he is completely overrated:

The best of the German team is Michael Ballack, who seems sure to end up at Chelsea in the summer. Yet he seems over-rated to me. Yes, he is a world-class player but I think he is a nice, tidy skilful footballer and not much more. I am sure he does not get many votes when players or supporters fill in the time between matches playing that old game of picking their all-time greats teams.

Ballack certainly does not look like the sort of player who can carry his team to a World Cup triumph, as Maradona did so brilliantly with Argentina. But then you do not get many Maradonas to the pound. German fans may take comfort from the fact that they reached the last World Cup final, but only after a very favourable draw and it was inevitable that they would lose to Brazil in the final.

I signed this petition (even though they seem to not have taken my picture, since I cannot seem to find it, not quite sure how I am supposed to take that) in support for this black guy who got mistreated the other day in the NOFV (NordOstdeutscherFußballVerband ???).

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