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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mean Old World

Little Walter - Mean Old World

I am still kind of in awe of myself that I managed to go home last night, one hour before a cajun/zydeco band was scheduled and about as long before there would have been some police action. Seems doubtfull I'll act as sensible again next time, but it definitly paid off today, got so many things done.

Some of you will know that I have been writing a paper on Huckleberry Finn for a while now (at the same time I was working to be precise, which is why it took me so fucking long too). Well, I finally finished today.

In it, I am Basically discussing whether Huck and his creator Mark Twain are racists or not. Coming to the conclusion at the end that Huck is never capable to throw off his racist upbringing. Twain on the other hand in his life managed to do so (he once volunteered for a Confederate militia), yet could not in his novel let a 14-year old boy take such a big step at once.

Great book, for all of you who haven't read it yet. I read it as a kid first and loved it, but the amazing thing is that is has two levels it can be read on, making it is as enjoyable to adults. I think Twain is one of the three coolest American writers anyway (the two others being Faulkner and Edgar Allan Poe). His wit, irony and sarcasm is unparalleled. I found two rather rare texts by him on the internet one about war the other about masturbation (yes, you read that right). What can I say? He is not really cool (in regard to his opinions), but also really funny (not that that is anything new or suprising about him).

I can seriously virtually every book he wrote for a really cool afternoon/evening. My personal favorites:

Huckleberry Finn (no comment necessary I believe)

A Connecitcut Yankee At King Arthur's Court (the title sums up the story line rather well, a satire on the influence and power of innovation and technology)

A Tramp Abroad (about his travels in Europe, especially his views of Germany and the Germans amused me very much, and yes I am very proud of him having spent one winter in Berlin)

Adam's Diary & Eve's Diary (the folly of religion)

Oh yeah, anyone actually downloading and reading my paper, I will still do a spell and style check tomorrow, but the content will not be changed anymore (especially considering I don't even need the credit for this course, don't even really know why I wrote it in the first place), so bare with me if there are some stupid errors in there.

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