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Friday, May 19, 2006

Flip, Flop and Fly

I think if there was one genre of music only that I was allowed to listen to, it would have to be Jump Blues. Seems like there is no other style of music matching its intensity, its combination of great music with amazing voices. I am completely incapable of listening to this kind of music without it lifting my spirits.

Big Joe Turner - Flip, Flop and Fly

The FR completely cuts down the 'Da Vinic Code'. I have read the book and enjoyed doing so. While the ending was completely crappy, it was one of those good, relatively mindless quick reads (comparable to say James A. Michener or Michael Chrichton). Yet, I will not watch the movie for various reasons. Number one, I hate bowing down to such publicised worldwide events (even though admittedly I did so with the Lord of The Rings and Star Wars (which seems excusable for the former as I loved the books but not the latter)). Number two, well I don't really know, truth to be told I simply have no desire to watch the movie, am not even sure whether I should download it. Somehow Tom Hanks just produces major yawning on my part as does most of this other Hollywood crap coming out recently (exceptions do exist of course).

Anyway, I was amazed at how open the hatred of the journalist writing in the FR came out. It is just another popular movie based on another popular book for God's sake (figured His name should be mentioned at least once in this post).

I am currently reading 'Travels with Charley' by John Steinbeck and wanted to share an excerpt of that novel with you:

'We have inherited many attitudes from our recent ancestors who wrestled this continent as Jacob wrestled the angel, and the pioneers won. From them we take a belief that every American is a natural-born hunter. And every fall a great number of men set out to prove that without talent, training, knowledge, or practise they are dead shots with rifle or shotgun. The results are horrid. [A shout-out to Mr Cheney seems to be appropriate at this point.]


Somehow the hunting process has to do with masculinity, but I don't quite know how.'

I think this glorious excerpt should nowadays be linked to off-road 4-wheel big-ass cars and the such as well and seriously, what the fuck. How do they call it in one American advertisement for some fancy, really expensive car with air-condition, radio, CD-player and probably TV's in the back for the kids and a playstation if you buy the deluxe version? The great outdoors. How laughable is that?

This whole tough-boy, gun-slinging image that seems so desirable in the US is really bizarre. Can anyone here imagine Chirac, Schröder or at least Tony Blar posing with a gun and one leg resting on the carcass of a deer? Well, at least the Republicans seem to diminish their own numbers with this waste of time (and again a shout-out to Dick Cheney, what a fucking moron).

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