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Sunday, April 23, 2006

You Ain't Nothing But Fine

Rockin' Sidney - You Ain't Nothing But Fine

Nothing but good news coming out of Germany these days. I am going to go into the most horrible thing next time around, starting off with just some regular politics joke. Apparently the German Familienministerin (secretary of the family, or someting like that I guess) is working on an outline to help people educate their children. This actually might not be all that pointless (even though the big government complications even someone as left-wing as me is aware of), but Von der Leyen thinks it necessary to work out this outline with representatives of the two major Christian churches in Germany. Not only did I think we had a constitutional seperation of church and state, guess I was wrong on that one, but I also am wondering which part of the population this church-guided approach is supposed to appeal to, the 8% of small-town folks that are still actually religious? What a joke.

Plus, I love the timing of Leyen (I am going to leave out this nobility bullshit since we luckily are a republic since 1918 and these noble bastards were rendered powerless that november) considering we just had one of the worst and most disgusting attacks on a foreigner in Germany in a while (I am going to get to that tomorrow) maybe it finally would have been time for someone to adress the biggest minority living in Germany and actually include some kind of muslim institution? These conservative politicians really don't seem to realize that times have changed and what kind of impression they make on some of the more easily swayed folks (aka the Bild-Leser). More on xenophobic Germany tomorrow though.

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