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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sad Sad Day (Muddy Waters)

Today is the late great McKinley Morganfield's birthday. Sad, Sad Day when he passed away, surely one of the few truly genius musicians out there.

The Intern said the only reason why he posted this was because he could, I would concur but now I'll just pretend to pay a tribute to UF winning the NCAA-Tournament this year. This is from the Intern as well, anybody would like to watch the movie with me? Seriously don't think I have ever seen a suckier preview.

I am currently writing a paper on Twain's Huckleberry Finn, specifically the question of racism regarding Huck and Mr Clemens. Found some interesting food for thought in one of the books about that novel (cannot recall where I found it, sorry).

Basically the author makes his reader aware of the fact, "that the United States established a fiction that denied sexual and social contact among the races". How does that manifest itself you want to know? He (don't think it was a woman) says that "unlike in Spanish (and Portugese) there is no English word [for] mestizo, zambo, mulatto". Zambo is Portugese for a person of Native-African descent. I am sure you know the other ones (in case you don't, mestizo is a person of European-Native origin, I'll leave it up to your math skills to find out what the last one is).

In the South a person was considered black if 1/16 of his ancestors had been of African descent, that is stricter than racial rules in Nazi Germany (1/8 jewish heritage was the requirement by law). I thought this was really interesting. I cannot though, really give you any conclusions on it, maybe there are none but that American society must have been so racist it is barely conceivable for one so free and religious at the same time.

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