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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

No song today, I am visiting my girlfriend and Frankfurt and thus do not have access to my music collection. Weather is crappy here too btw, hope summer will start at some point this year.

I've talked about Moussaoui before, he really seems to be some sorry bastard who feels like he needs to make himself a hero by exaggerating his role in the 9/11 attacks and receiving the death penalty. What a loser, seriously.

According to the NY Times Europe Stalls on [its] Road to Economic Change. Read this article carefully and you will find quite a few mistakes (claiming that the Social Democratic party is Merkel's biggest obstacle in the path of reform for example, saying that Schröder's reforms have made a difference in Germany...), but the biggest of them all and the one I do not understand at all is this complete blindness to anything else but the standard libertarian approach. If Europe does not reform in a way that will make it more similar to how things in the US are we are all going to die in misery basically.

What BS.

Look at the Scandanivian countries look at the crisis in Argentina in 2002 (hope I got the year right there). There is no one concept that will work. And just because the French people do not want to be fired without anyone having to even give them a reason to do so, that doesn't not mean that they are incapable of surviving, incapable of reforming and changing their economy and lifes. And neither are we (meaning the rest of Europe). I don't even want to go down that path that the US is, with the people at the top making more and more money while the ones at the bottom barely scrape by. Yes, we cannot keep on living the way we have the last 50 years but that doesn't mean other options aren't out there except privatizing everything and making sure rich companies or people don't pay taxes anymore.

Btw, I will start my new minor next week (economy), so basically you can expect more of this crap as the semester progresses. Happy Easter to everyone (even though I don't even know what that is supposed to mean to me).

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