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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Du Brauchst Bei Mir Nur Anzurufen (Will Glahé)

I might be considered yellow, but I have decided once again to refrain from posting songs that might result in me having legal problems. Thus, after reading up on German (or European for the most part actually) copyright laws some, I will only post songs which are not copyright protected anymore (meaning they were published originally more than 50 years ago). No more Hip Hop I guess.

To start this off, here is some hardcore old German Jazz from the 30s, You Only Have To Call Me by Will Glahé.

Religion, once again, has enthralled me. Check what scientologists believe in, maybe I should really start boycotting these morons (Tom Cruise and Travolta that is), such losers. Anyway. The importance of religion in the US keeps on bewildering me (and I usually don't like posting stuff like this, because it feeds the usual (and really stupid for the most part) anti-americanism currently fashionable in Europe).

The [US-]government has spent more than $2.3 million on prayer research since 2000.

The NY Times in a prominent position publishes an article about a study on the effectiveness of prayer. Not to sound arrogant or anything, but I could have told them that it wouldn't work in advance. Bizarre.

Stephen Biddle's assessment of the Iraq which I have discussed before gains some further credence with this article. All signs seem to point to the Iraq inching towards a full-blown ethnic war with maybe even the Balkanization of the country looming on the horizon.

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