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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jelly Roll King

Frank Frost - Jelly Roll King

I am sure most of you have heard of the controversy regarding the pictures taken by the Sun during Merkel's vacation in Italy. Here are the two (I believe only) published pictures (1,2). The Bild-Zeitung of course took it upon themself to defend German pride, no matter that only days earlier they had published daily unflattering pictures of Merkel (while of course not as bad as those by the Sun) thus invading her privacy rights as well (click on the photo gallery on the left of the Bild-article in order to see these pics).

The reason why I actually care about this, is not Merkel's attractiveness or Germany's hurt sense of pride or some other crap like that. What is more important to me is the degrading position that women are put into in general. Here is the leader of one of the most powerful (economically at least) countries in the world (what are we? the third largest economy?), who gives a flying fuck what her ass looks like? Anyone cares about how Schröder, Bush, Putin or Blair look like when they put on swimming shorts? Seriously, I can't believe this actually is a topic in the first place. Seems like the 60s never happened or something.

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