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Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's over

So, it looks like it's over. Obama will win the question just seems to be by how much and - more importantly - whether the Democrats will have a majority large enough to pass cloture in case of a filibuster. Because of that I decided to donate money for the first time ever in my life (and outside my fatherland or the country in which I currently reside). I really liked the argument made in the article linked to above though and decided to contribute to Jim Martin's race in Georgia. I think after eight years of President Bush, eight years of economic (look at any newspaper) and geo-strategic (Iran, China, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan) mismanagement, the world finally needs some decent leadership again. Europe is not ready for this (and might never be for institutional reasons), neither is China (for different reasons), I believe it is überimportant that an American government (and that includes Congress, forget the President for a second, he is about half as important as usually considered) presides over the decline of American hegemony (the twilight of the unipolar world as Coral Bell put it so beautifully) that actually takes into consideration the rest of the world, that acts more humble and puts more thought into its policies. The Bush administration's mentality of talking loudly while carrying a small stick needs to be reverted into talking quietly (while carrying an even smaller stick).

For these reasons I am (illegally, and through a friend) contributing to the race of a Senator in the South that I don't know anything about. I am not a fervent believer in Democratic policies, but I believe that in relative terms a Democratic super majority would do the world (and the US) good. Why did I donate in the South? I don't know, I like the South and didn't want to donate money to an ex-comedian or to someone from a state where I have never been (Oregon). Why am I telling you all this? Because you should help one of these three guys too. All you democratic people out there that donated money to a symbol who is running for President now, this is where you can actually make a difference. Obama will not change the world, he might not even make a good President and I have my doubts about some of his attitudes and opinions (health care and Pakistan for one), but a filibuster safe majority in the Senate for the next two years at least could really change something.

PS: Benton, I am glad to owe you a six-pack. The Bradley-effect is dead, I was wrong. A black guy can win election in the US. Maybe cynicism is wrong sometimes.

PPS: I know, don't count your chickens before they hatch, don't jinx it, zerteile das Fell des Bären nicht bevor Du ihn erlegt hast, whatever it may be in French. But, I mean, come on. If someone makes a second Bobby Kennedy out of Obama, or if some Islamic terrorist decides he prefers a Republican President and acts on it things could change. If not, it's over.

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