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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Reivers

Can I even say anything about Faulkner anymore? I love the way he phrases his sentences. I love his stories, his protagonists who in all their faults are so human. While the Reivers is not up to par to classics such as Absalom, Absalom it is nevertheless a great book and in the opus of virtually every other author would have to be considered a classic. A boy, a black servant and a white no-good steal a car and go off to Memphis. I have to admit that I prefer it when Faulkner deals with subjects that lie further in the past than 1905 - the time when this novel is set. Nonetheless, I can only preach to anyone who has never read Faulkner to get one of his books. I read this one in about 3-4 days and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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