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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Realism we can believe in

Let's sum up the savior's week for a second here:

- Additional pictures of the torture inflicted upon prisoners of the American military will not be published. (NY Times)
- Prisoners will not be judged in the normal court system but instead through Bush's military tribunals, depriving these people of their rights. (NY Times)
- Funny how the differences between him and Bush that Obama emphasized so much during his campaign fade away. (NY Times)

Where is the uproar against this development? Where are all those college youngster that wanted change, that wanted believe? Your hero is backtracking on promises all over the place and y'all can't be heard.


gabriel said...

So obama is like most politicians out there, nothing new. But at least he's a better ball player than Kohler, Rau and Herzog combined.

Gotta go back to figuring out what this means:

Millionaires Of Genesis said...

2 shockers in about as many days. First the refusal to release the terror photos and now this.

Extreme individuals need to be brought to justice by any means necessary. The freedom which is afforded to all law-abiding citizens is a product of doing what might not be popular but what is right for the U.S. and its interests. If the ACLU attorneys always had their way we would live in anarchy. A nation of people with their own individually-decreed laws.

Congrats Mr. President. You went 2 for 2 this week :)


Benjamin Preisler said...

I'm not going to lie, Ryan. Your comment is slightly contradictory.

G, I've read Douglas Adams I know that the answer is 42 : )