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Friday, December 01, 2006

You Don't Miss Your Water

William Bell - You Don't Miss Your Water

Es scheint als habe endlich eine deutsche Zeitung sich der Polizistenausbildung in Afghanistan angenommen, leider ein Springerblatt, aber wenigstens der eine Qualitätstitel des Hauses. Wenn diese Andeutungen wirklich zutreffen sollten, wäre dies ein Riesenskandal, weil es die komplette Anti-Militär-Komponente der Deutschen Argumentation zusammenbrechen lassen würde. Ich kann weiterhin nicht nachvollziehen, warum hier nicht mehr darüber berichtet wird. Wahrscheinlich ist es nicht sexy genug als Thema.

Also, two subjects related to the misnomer of the millennium (it is young, I know) the War on Terror. Apparently the US had been kidnapping innocent (and not so innocent, but that is not really the point here) citizens from all over the world before 9/11 ever took place. Friendly governments (like the German one) were informed of this distasteful practise and aided actively or passively (by ignoring the misdeeds committed on their territory). How is anyone ever supposed to believe that the West is not a bunch of hypocritical cronies where the it is the law and the people that rule if these things keep on happening?

The American government has paid $ 2 Million and given an official excuse to a man who was mistakenly arrested in the follow-up to the bombings of Madrid. The CIA did kidnap a German citizen in Macedonia and kept him in prison in Afghanistan for 6 months. He was tortured and mistreated there and when they finally realized he only had a similar sounding name to an Al Qaida suspect, they dumped him in Albania to fend for himself from there. Now, in this case the American government does not even acknowledge - officially - that this took place, let alone give that man some kind of recompensation. Really makes one question whether there is any kind of morality left outside of the rhetoric one in the American administration. So sad, for a country with such a magnificient past of creating and defending liberty and democratic institutions (even if they always have been faulty).

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