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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

European Hypocrisy

This whole issue of outlawing same-sex marriage in the USA is really bizarre. Look at the Declaration of Independence (I quote this without having actually looked it up):
We hold these truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights. Among those: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Would really like to know how anyone could argue that wanting to marry the person one loves is not a man's pursuit of happiness. Can anyone please try to give me even one intelligent argument for why these marriages should be outlawed? Just so pointless and such a waste of time to even try to attain laws like this.

Let's move on to the more interesting subject of European hypocrisy. We all know about the deplorable conditions in Guantanamo and the scathing criticism employed by European politicians in regard to this extra-legal entity. So, as verdant European citizens we would expect our political representatives to fight for the freedom of the innocently imprisoned and a fair trial for those suspected of wrong doing. Yet, of course this is not the case, as soon as the cameras are off, the microphones are switched off Paulus becomes Saulus again (to use an antonomasia) and any request by the US-administration to take on prisoners is turned down. Even if the country (Germany) in the past had vocally opposed the USA in its quest against islamic terrorism consistently and the prisoner (Murat Kurnaz) has lived in that country (again Germany, Bremen to be specific) for far more than half of his life.

This European high-handedness seriously pisses me off sometimes.

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Sarah said...

Glad to see you are using the Merriam-Webster words. And this European high-handedness also bothers me and sadly, plays right into the hands of the Bush administration and cronies. The American public will never view Europe as a credible, strong partner as long as nations are unwilling to put their money where there mouth is. All this political manouvering in Europe right now is so transparent - French parliament passing a law making it a crime to not call it Armenian genocide, British politicians lashing out at Muslim communities to satisfy growing popular sentiment. Anyone who thinks politicians are interested in anything other than their own power and survival is sadly misled. Just look at the FDP. There is a wishy-washy party if ever there was one.