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Monday, October 30, 2006

Bad Boys de Marseille

With the banlieues exploding once more I found this to be quite fitting:
Akhenaton - Bad Boys De Marseille - Part II

I've been quite busy on my application for an exchange to the USA next fall. Finally finished everything today and hopefully have some more time for other stuff again now. Here is my university wishlist (I excluded any New York and California university as I assumed competition would be too stiff for my grades, this also applied to Princeton & Cornell):

01. University of Chicago
02. University of Pennsylvania
03. Emory University
04. Vanderbilt University
05. Indiana University
06. John Hopkins University
07. University of Minnesota
08. Duke University
09. Tulane University
10. University of Texas

And in my study proposal you can read what I actually want to study in the States.

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