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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Such a sellout event, how can you even dare to compare a hero who fought for his land and people to the folks who nowadays join the military in order to have a job or get an education and then serve in unjust wars like the current one.

The world cup commenced on friday here and it is nuts. Thus, I hope you will excuse my few posts during this time and the fact that I have no music to offer either. Just a couple of notes:

- I am back living at home, because three Swedish guys are occupying my room right now (and are making me filthy rich at the same time).

- The British fans taking over the city of Frankfurt was one of the craziest football things I have ever seen (There were ten German bombers in the air!!!)

- This has the look of the longest and possibly best parties I have ever attended, the last couple of days in Frankfurt seriously were an outdoor party involving all of city and about 70,000 guests.

- Africa again seems to have sent two really good teams that will fail (Ghana & Côte d'Ivoire).

- There is no way Germany is even in the top 5 of teams I have seen so far.

- I don't like all these German flags floating around everywhere all of a sudden, makes me uncomfortable.

- I only watched the last 10 minutes of Australia - Japan today, lucky me, 84th minute 1-0 for Japan, 90th minute: 3-1 Australia.

- Most impressive team I have seen so far, probably the Czech Republic, they killed the US today (who were supposed to be decent at least).

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