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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's a Sin to Be Rich, It's a Low Down Shame To Be Poor

Lightnin' Hopkins - It's a Sin to Be Rich, It's a Low Down Shame To Be Poor

Apparently Bush is going to take flight before elections roll around. What a disaster this President. Can anyone remember a President who attacked another country without any reason to do, lied to his sovereign (the people) about reasons existing, has led a country tortured by a dictator before down a spiral of violence without any end in sight and now wants to get the hell out, before his party is voted out of office in the fall? Oh, and I forgot that he is constantly kicking human rights and the balance of powers through his treatment of prisoners and the fact that he without any kind of legislative approval has been spying on his own country. Seriously, which President can compete? Nixon was a criminal in the White House and Indochina, but at least he didn't start the mess in South East Asia. Ruther B Hayes made sure the Southern whites remained masters for another two-three generations, but the election results didn't leave him with much choice? I sincerely propose Bush for worst President ever and dare everyone out there to name me a counter-example.

Und damit man mal so weiß, was die Welt über die WM in Deutschland schreibt.

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