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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Race and Congress

This might be one of the craziest papers I have ever written. It is for my PhD course on Legislative Politics. This course is a very humbling experience as it is full of well future professors who have been specializing in American politics for the last 3 years already and then I sit in there, with my European point of view and most importantly with a background that is a lot broader and more abstract (or useless) than theirs. Anyway, the point is that I wanted to turn in something good, it is not like most of my other courses where I can just get by on making up crap a little.

So, I got up Sunday morning at seven, had a nice breakfast on Franklin Street with some random, 50-year-old Republican woman (good conversation partner though) and then pretty much read eight books and wrote four pages about those. Tonight I only checked grammar and spelling and will now send it off to my professor (my schedule today was too busy to really change anything anymore). Do I actually think it is good? I don't know, I liked the subject, I feel like I have something to say even if I only scratch the surface of it. Let's see what the professor will have to say about it. I can only repeat that I enjoy the challenge of working a lot and under pressure though.

Check it out here.


Jones said...

Hey Ben, publications on the net and .docs dont get along that well together. If you actuallay want someone to read your stuff, give us some pdfs at least :)

Anyway, hope youre doin good and finally getting some quality education in that brain of yours.


PS: Oh btw, did i mention that we are live with our new podcast community Only german tho :)

Jones said...

wtf..comment moderation. arent you supposed to be in the country of free speech? :p

Sensemania said...

had too much advertisement before...I publish everything related to content though...

Sensemania said...

hmm, I guess that could be interpreted as advertisement too, but anyway, you are probably right about the pdfs will think of it next time...