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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm A Loser (The Beatles)

The Beatles: I'm A Loser

I have to admit defeat today. I had started reading Ulysseus by James Joyce again which is considered the master piece of - at least - 20th century English literature. I got about half way, yet today I decided to mail it in. Simply, because what this had resulted in was me not reading at all anymore because I dreaded the fact that I had to continue with Ulysseus. Still feel bad about this though, first time ever I have given up on a book (ok, admittedly I did start the same book when I was in maybe 10th grade, but then I was young, stupid and my English not all that great), but I just did not read anything else anymore, resulting of all those cool books that I had bought/borrowed/stolen (usually from my Dad) at some point collecting dust on the shelf. Anyway, what it comes down to is a sucky taste in the mouth, defeat.

No great content today, sorry, I'm so busy right now, I haven't played ball in two weeks (which is pretty much unheard of from me). Just thought I'd showcase my most recent university output, it's a case study regarding the so-called McCain Amendment outlawing torture (not a precise description that actually, but if you are interested in the details, read the paper). Very technical, but also very recent and interestingly showcasing Congress its' constitutional rights again (finally I might add).


paul said...

Since when do you play ball? You never told me you started!

Sollich said...

same here...wasn't indoor lawn bowls your game of choice???

G said...

First time you gave up on a book?
Don't feel bad though. Even I, being the great reader that I am, gave up on that book.

Sensemania said...

ok, actually it is the second time, I forgot the title of the other book that I gave up on though, remember that I felt depressed then too though...
you being the great reader you are, would of course not pick up a book for ages, but then when you do take something like that :d

paul said...

ok, actually it is the second time, I forgot the title of the other book that I gave up on though,

i'm pretty certain it was basketball basics for kids; you complained about not understanding a word on the "very complicated topic" and then sticked to curling afterwards.