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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hank Williams Syndrome (Waylon Jennings)

Waylon Jennings: Hank Williams Syndrome
Is there anyone more deserving of a tribute song than Hank Williams? Definitly one of the most amazing artists of the 20th century, only a select few can compete.

Managed to play some ball today for the first time in, well, ages it seemed, my offense sucked too (seemingly all of my shots, including layups came up short), but my D was pretty decent, even though I was completely dead in the last game. If you're interested in BBall, check out the slam that AI II did on saturday btw, just plain sick that thing.

Nothing too intelligent today (I'm still playing the catch-up game, am nearly done with tuesday's paper now), will try to read through all the NYTimes articles I've saved at work tomorrow though, sure there will be some stuff in there.

Here is a pretty funny German advertisement (and no, you don't really need to speak German or know Germany to get it) and one article (you need to know German for this one) which completely cracked me up.

On a more somber note, no need to make this blog too light-hearted after all, the world is a sucky place, we just got lucky and should know it (not that I really do or even think about this usually, but seriously would anyone argue with me on this one?), today in 1942 (ok, by now yesterday at least in German time, the US passed Executive Order 9066. How fucked up was that?
Think it is really interesting how the US has been capable of painting itself as the 'good' guy in international politics (ok, this has changed, now everbody (in Europe at least) depicts the US as the 'really bad' guy (which has about as much truth to it as the earlier designation did), but this was true (and still is for certain political circles) for a really long time in the 19th (I think) and 20th (I know) century). Hope I didn't lose anyone with that sentence (especially myself), so how did a nation that really acted as screwed up as every other nation did during the course of its history, achieve such a status? I really don't get this, I mean, yes, oldest democracy and so on and forth, the Constitution was great (the emphasis being on was, not is) same for the Declaration of Independence, I see all that and I am actually a big fan of the US, but still, the fact of the matter remains, that the US did as much wrong as every other nation and has done so at least since 1846 if not long before. If someone can enlighten me on this matter, be my guest...

OK, I'll try to end on a happy note, here is a quote from the Global Report on Anti-Semitism issued by the State Department regarding Jews in Germany which I can only accept really, since I believe the assesment to be sad but true:
'While anti-Semitism based on religious doctrines and traditional anti-Jewish prejudices continued to exist, Jewish leaders, academics, and others believe that a newer, nontraditional form of anti-Semitism is emerging in the country. This form tends to promote anti-Semitism as part of its other stands against globalization, capitalism, Zionism, and foreigners.'
Guess it didn't work out with the happy note, maybe next time.

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