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Thursday, February 09, 2006


I feel bad writing about bball after the last post actually did receive two comments and I'll definitly write something else about this whole thing again soon, the new Zeit came out today too, so we'll see what they have to say about this (the NY Times kind of disappoints me in this matter honestly, cannot really put my finger on it how and where, but still...), but I had all this basketball stuff in the pipeline for some time so I just want to post it now (while I am bored at work).

A quote from a Bill Simmons blog entry that I thought interesting:
"On his blog, Scottie Pippen wrote about Kobe's 81-point game and how something like that is much more prone to happen these days -- he makes some interesting points about how the defensive rule changes have allowed pretty much any scorer in the league to spring for 40-50 points if they're making jumpers. I'm with Scottie -- scoring 50-plus against a good team in the early-90's was the equivalent of scoring 65-70 points now. MJ would have sprung for 80-plus against a bad team with these current rules. Anyway, it's worth a read. I would love to know if Scottie wrote this himself or had some help."

Two more links to articles, here is Paul Shirley's (who seems to have more time on his hands wince he quit his team, wonder whether he will actually sign with an NBA team at some point this year) newest entries (1 & 2)and Bill Simmons' latest column (which I haven't read yet, but since he is, well, amazing, I recommend it anyway).

I am sure most of you guys are aware of the Birdman's demise, so as a reminder to tragically cut short legacy, check this out (and honestly, I couldn't look at the screen the whole time, 'cause I felt so bad for the guy, seriously, especially 'cause the article about him that I posted about him the other day made me like him).

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