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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Mansion

What's that famous, corny line at the end of the movie Casablanca? We'll always have Paris? While that actually is true for me as well, I'll also always have Faulkner. I finally succeeded in reading the third installment of his Snopes trilogy, The Mansion. While clearly not up to par with the other two (The Town & The Hamlet) or his classics (Absalom, Absalom & The Sound and the Fury principally, but also Light in August et al), it is still a helluva book. I will not go into detail on the story, that is not what Faulkner is about for me. He's a master of speculation, of philosophizing, of life's misery, hope, vanity, and - in his world view in any case - inevitability. The contradicting thing about Faulkner is that his novels can only take place in the South, in the deep South, in Mississippi, Memphis, but that they are as universal as it gets at the same time. There is no one quite like him I believe.

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