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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


One of the random classics lying around in my unread-books library, I recently picked up Nostromo by Joseph Conrad for no particular good reason. A great find it was though. Conrad tells the story of a fantasy Central American country, where putsches follow upon dictators follow upon putsches. His is a tale of the greed for money and power (but also love, if only for one character) and how it determines people's choices while leading to dubious individual outcomes. Ironically, one could argue that his happy ending is, well, a bit too happy to be realistic. Another sticking point for me was the inherent racism of his portrayal of indigenous or creole citizens of this non-existing republic. Conrad might have been opposed to colonialism, he is not devoid of his times' attitude towards non-White, non-Western people(s). Yet, a very enjoyable read, exploring the depravities of human life.

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