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Friday, December 06, 2013

Coping with Post-Democracy

One of the classics of European political science of the last decade or so. Colin Crouch came out with Coping with Post-Democracy before he turned it into a book of the - almost - same title a few later. I read the original essay not, mainly because the Commission library for some reason only had this version, not the book (honi soit qui mal y pense). It was a great - short - read. Crouch argues that democracy has decreased quality-wise from the 50-60s (an argument that one could beg to differ with, I agree, not like those years of stability, economic growth and subdued women was such an ideal world either...) and that we live today in a not anti- but at least post-democratic environment, where civil society often times only goes through the notions and voting (if that) is the sole active part most citizens play in democratic decision-making. 

He really makes a lucid and worrisome argument for this that I can only recommend you to read if these kind of questions interest you. And maybe I'll find a copy of the actual book also one of these days...

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